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Fractal_Mandelbrot Set

Iitial MandelbortSet_Black & White

Zoom In and Out, Red Color with a *first code;

Iteration: 40, zoomlevel: 2


Iteration: 40, zoomlevel: 3

And more;

Iteration: 40, zoomlevel: 3

Zoom In and Out, Blue Color with a *second code;

Iteration: 50, zoomlevel: 0

And one more;

Iteration: 50, zoomlevel: 3

** Program Execution:: Mouse Right Button : Zoom In, Mouse Left Button : Zoom Out
** When Zoom In&Out Level increases, Color gets slightly changed.
** There are two kinds of Zoom In&Out Algorithm

The most useful reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mandelbrot_set

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