Interactive Nanotext Imagery:

A Visual Installation for the
California Nanosystems Institute

Visual Demos



In our conceptual design we aimed to reflect and unite three diverse areas: CNSI and nanotechnology, education and interdisciplinary research in the university as well as the MAT program, and the surrounding physical location. We also wanted to take into account the style and ideas of Robert Venturi's original proposal for the location.

Our proposed display consists of large bars moving from left to right. These bars not only serve to tie in the design with the existing architecture but conceptually continue the design of the building out into electronic space. These bars consist of tiny text from a range of different disciplines: nanotext. This visually reflects the way in which large, often simplistic looking objects or cultural beliefs are composed of many smaller components while also incorporating the theme of nanotechnology. As the bars move across the screen, they break down into a variety of words and images.

This mirrors the role of the university: to break down 'simple' beliefs and ways of knowing to create new cultural and academic objects. The words and images themselves will reflect all of the above themes. In addition, the speed and quality of their breakdown as well as the aesthetic options (e.g. color, saturation, brightness) will reflect incoming real-time data about the physical location. The style of the words, bold and commercially inspired, will hold true to Robert Venturi's ideas.