Interactive Nanotext Imagery:

A Visual Installation for the
California Nanosystems Institute

Visual Demos


Technical Components

1) Input

  • Surf cam: Motion Capture of wave peaks from a camera at nearby Campus point
    controls the speed and frequency of moving bars in direct proportion

  • Light Sensors: ambient light levels determine brightness of display; colors of
    background and bars change in inverse proportion to time of day

  • Web Data: readings obtained from online sources (NOAA, etc.) provide real-time
    control of various factors:
    Wind speed = density of fragments upon breakup
    Barometric pressure = horizontal motion of resultant fragments
    Humidity = color changes of individual bars
    Precipitation % = vertical motion of resultant fragments
    Air temperature = saturation % (number of bars until full image realization)
    Water temperature = decay % (number of bars until full image erasure)
    Avg. Wave Height = Granulation amount of particles
2) Brain:
  • motion tracking of web cam

  • data mapping (control of factors, using randomness)

  • timing engine

  • image/text database (incl. dynamic content)

  • visual output generation
3) Output:
  • Physical Wall

  • LCD screen (30'x30')

Cost Estimate:

  • Computers $25k

  • Screen $375k

  • Programming $50k

  • Labor $?

  • TOTAL: $450k plus installation

Designer's illustration of the technical components (sample)